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PulpMX Show #392

Plessinger, Tickle, Tedesco, Bentley, Watson in Studio

Aaron Plessinger has two race under his belt and comes on to talk about entering the series midstream.


PulpMX Show #391

Wilson, Hartranft, Albrecht, Antonovich in Studio

Dean Wilson is back riding again so we check in with him to see how his progress is coming and what his plans are.


PulpMX Show #390

Cooper, Sipes, Wey, Keefer in Studio

Justin Cooper finally snagged his first overall win at the treacherous Florida WW Ranch, he comes on to talk about that achievement.


PulpMX Show #389

Payton, Nichols, Nicoletti, Peronnard with Blair In Studio

Mitch Payton is always a slam dunk great guest and it's been far too long since he and his stories have been on.