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Throwback Classic Lazergate 2013

Lazergate Throwback Classic PulpMX Show Archive

In case you are too new of a listener to have lived through the event and this classic show in real-time, here it is.


Throwback Classic Vegas 2011

Weege, JT, Wey in Studio

Settle in, especially if you weren’t on-board in the early days of the show. There’s a lot to ingest here.


PulpMX Show #431

Villopoto, Preston, Thomas, Keefer in Studio

We've got a bushel of heavy hitters all in studio tonight so not much airtime for phone guests unless your name is Ryan Villopoto.


PulpMX Show #430

Tomac, Sexton, Norfolk, Betts in Studio

We have two of your 2020 SX Champs in Eli Tomac and Chase Sexton on the line to get their thoughts on the titles and unique way this series finishe