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PulpMX Show 270

Martin, Vuillemin and Christian Craig in Studio

We have one of the American Heroes from Team USA on to talk about the new experience and pressure riding for the team.


PulpMX Show 269

Brayton Reynard, Taylor and Berluti in Studio

Justin Brayton reeled in a nice off-season win and joins us to talk about that and how things are lining up for 2017.


PulpMX Show 268

Tomac, Nicoletti, Albertson with Bradi and Tyler Bowers in Studio

Eli Tomac brought the thunder at the two USGP's, Filthy brought home the gold at the Edge of Summer event in Michigan, Top Jimmy talks 2017 and it'


PulpMX Show 267

Short, Hahn, Bentley and Weimer in Studio

We had Andrew Short on to wish him a farely well and there were tears shed. Wil Hahn came on because, well that's what Wil Hahn does.