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PulpMX Show #472

Barcia, J Martin, Nicoletti with Blair in Studio

Millville was amazing as we saw another overall 450 winner as well as the 6th different 250 OA winner of the year and we have both of the victors o


PulpMX Show #471

Savatgy, Russell, Hahn, Nicoletti with Castloo in Studio

Joey Savatgy has been riding well in the Nationals and he comes on to talk about finding a little consistency in his typical honest manner.


PulpMX Show #470

Ferrandis, Mumford, Nicoletti and Millsaps in studio

Happy Independence Day show following a great Red Buuuuuuud!


PulpMX Show #469

Nicoletti, Canard, Seely in studio

Eli's number one fan Dylan came on and went a little nutty when Chris Betts did what Chris Betts does.