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Show #371

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Martin, Bowers, Ray, Maeda In Studio

Alex Martin had a pretty interesting 250 East coast debut in Minneapolis and he's on to discuss that.


Tomac, Decotis, Vuillemin, Bowers with Keefer in Studio

Eli Tomac finally secured his first win of 2019 in an absolute quagmire of a race in San Diego, he's on to talk about this crazy race.


Brayton, Pettis, Fields in Studio

We got Tony Berluti in studio so you know we had to get JB10 on to fire up BerlOOTi and talk about about his 2019 season so far.


Webb, Short, Nicoletti, Weege Archive

Cooper Webb closed the door own two years of struggle in the 450 class with his first win at the first Triple Crown which went down at Anaheim 2.