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PulpMX Show 267

Short, Hahn, Bentley and Weimer in Studio

We had Andrew Short on to wish him a farely well and there were tears shed. Wil Hahn came on because, well that's what Wil Hahn does.

PulpMX Show 266

Reed, Osborne, Fields, Emler Jr and JT in Studio

That's right, Chad Reed joins us to discuss, well a little bit of everything in his typically frank and honest fashion.


PulpMX Show 265

Villopoto, Peick, Forker with Berluti in Studio

Lets get those hands together just like RV used to because we've got him on tonight!


PulpMX Show 264

Webb, Seiji, Keefer in Studio

It was a long hiatus and yes, we missed you too. We brought the 250 points leader on and a rarely heard from Coach Seiji.