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PulpMX Show #468

Martin, Byrne, Phillips with Max, JT and Kirk in Studio

We have a great show with an update from Troll Train following his Thunder valley broken arm. It's actually better news than we expected.


PulpMX Show #467

Plessinger, Swoll, McAdoo, Nicoletti with Karnow and Harmon in Studio

We're two round into 2021 Motocross and Aaron Plessinger is 3rd in points!


PulpMX Show #466

Craig, Nicoletti, Medaglia with Keefer in Studio

The MX series has commenced and we have Christian Craig who recently re-signed with the Star Yamaha crew for 2022 and he comes on to talk about tha


PulpMX Show #465

Osborne, Johnson, Lockhart, Trettel with Blair and Anderson in Studio

Reigning 450MX champ Zach Osborne comes on prior to the MX series kickoff this Saturday to talk about his recovery and prep for his title defense.