PulpMX Show Archive

We have Lewis Phillips of MX Vice on to talk all about the awesome MXGP season that just wrapped up and Davey Coombs of MX Sports is on and that series just announced the 2022 Schedule. We'll compare and contrast the series and how they can learn from each other.

Justin Bogle came on to talk about his move over to the HEP Suzuki Team and his goals for 2022. Dylan Wright is a 3X champ in the Canadian MX series and he has been racing the MXGP's since the Canadian series wrapped. We check in with him to get the scoop on the comparison between the two series'.

Aaron Plessinger's move to KTM was finally made public and we had to get him on to talk all about the switch and how he's feeling early in the procession the orange bike. Eric Peronnard is the best dude ever and we have him on to talk Paris Supercross and SX in general. Jay Reynolds of the Arenacross Series is on to talk about that series for 2022.

Jake Weimer has been working with Chance Hymas and being a friend of the show, it was overdue for Jake to come on and update us on what he has been up to. We talked about RV of course too. Chris Hymas is the father of Chance and he joins us to talk about his sons new Factory Honda amateur to Pro deal.

Tyler Medaglia of Team Canada joins us to talk about his MXdN experience in Italy. We have Lewis Phillips of MX Vice on to discuss the MXdN as a whole. Connor Fields comes in studio to detail his Olympic crash and what has been going on with him since recovering. We have Darkside and Keefer in studio as well!

Jett Lawrence secured the 250MX National Championship in the final Moto at Hangtown and he joins us to talk about the special moment. DC is always a great guest and he comes on to talk about the 2021 National MX series and how he feels it went. Also touching on the catastrophe at LL following the Waverly flood. Filthy Phil is on for his weekly segment provided by Motosport.com.

AC comes on to discuss what he's been up to since leaving the series to get the pesky arm problem fixed and his thoughts on the 450 series. Wil Hahn joins us to talk about Michael Mosiman's highly impressive Pala 2 return to racing. Christina Denney is here to hit on the MXdN in regards to the US not participating.

Justin Brayton recently announced he reuniting with the MCR Honda team and he comes on to break the details of that deal HERE first! Ryan Dungey, legend of the sport has been doing some trackside tv work at the Nationals and selling coffee like crazy. We check in with him to see how retired Dad life is going.

The Chiz came off the couch and did what Chiz does-- HE CHIZZED! The silky voice of the number 11 comes on the show to talk about just how he consistently delivers results year after year. Levi Kitchen had a little bit of a hiccup at Budds but he comes on anyway to talk about his transition to the pro ranks and how he thinks it's gone after a couple rounds.

Roczen made the most of the two hiatus and came back to go one-one at Unadilla. Filthy Phil comes on for his weekly rundown one what he thought of the races he was NOT involved with. Jacob Piccolo has been crushing the Canadian 250 MX series and comes on to talk about that. RV is on to talk about being added to the Motorcycle Hall of Fame, what a guy!

Chase Sexton had himself a great Washougal with a Moto win and he comes on to talk about his SECRET WEAPON. Zach Osborne joins us to discuss what he has been doing at the races while he has not been racing. Max Anstie comes on to discuss the beef between he and Steve and Phil comes on for his weekly grievance. Keefer and JT are in studio BRO!!

Millville was amazing as we saw another overall 450 winner as well as the 6th different 250 OA winner of the year and we have both of the victors on! Justin Barcia and Jeremy Martin both appear on the show to talk about their great races.

Joey Savatgy has been riding well in the Nationals and he comes on to talk about finding a little consistency in his typical honest manner. Kailub Russell of GNCC fame joins us to talk about his experience in the Nationals so far as well as a daunting phone call from Roger DeCoster. Wil Hahn is back on the show and we are all beyond happy about his return.

Happy Independence Day show following a great Red Buuuuuuud! We have overall 450 race winner and points leader Dylan Ferrandis on to talk about this amazing 2021 rookie MX season he's creating. Poor Phil got hurt and is gonna be on the mend for a bit and he talks to us about that frustration.

Eli's number one fan Dylan came on and went a little nutty when Chris Betts did what Chris Betts does. Phil came on and even though his results have been better, he was not happy about calling in.  Trey Canard hasn't been on in a long while and it was great to have the great Trey on the show. Cole Seely is in studio and providing the insight only a rider of his caliber can. Great show.

We have a great show with an update from Troll Train following his Thunder valley broken arm. It's actually better news than we expected. Michael Byrne is on to talk the motocross series and his position in the industry moving forward. Lewis Phillips of MX vice is on to talk the MXGP series kickoff and we have 3 of the key players from WPS, JT, Max and Kirk from Firepower in studio.

We're two round into 2021 Motocross and Aaron Plessinger is 3rd in points! We have the always chipper, mulleted Yamaha rider on to talk about the great start to the outdoors. Jalek Swoll has had a solid opening two rounds of Motocross and we're glad to have him on to talk about his progress.

The MX series has commenced and we have Christian Craig who recently re-signed with the Star Yamaha crew for 2022 and he comes on to talk about that and his Pala race. Phil Nicolette had an incredibly trying Pala race but he's a trooper and comes on to take the heat from T-Dags and crew.

Reigning 450MX champ Zach Osborne comes on prior to the MX series kickoff this Saturday to talk about his recovery and prep for his title defense. "Too Hip" Rick Johnson is on and any conversation with the Bad Boy is gold. We talk with RJ about the current race scene and the upcoming National MX series.

We've got a lot of Champions on tonight. We start with Colt Nichols who won the 250W Series, Cooper Webb now 2 TIME 450SX champ, Nick Schmidt who secured the PulpMX Yamaha Privateer Title and Marvin Musquin who really rounded out his 2021 SX in impressive fashion with a win and runner up finishes. Kris Keefer and Justin Starling are in studio!