PulpMX Show Archive

Hunter Lawrence locked down his first SX win at Dallas 2 and we could not be more stoked to have him on to talk about the milestone. Ricky Carmichael is on to talk about the series and what has been happening through the first 11 rounds in a different kind of year.

Aaron Plessinger had an absolute breakout ride at Daytona, eclipsed only by his mustache and mullet, we talk to him about the changes. Justin Bogle has begun to finally find some solid ground and he joins us to talk about looking positive again. Kyle Peters went undefeated in the Arenacross series and he talks about that experience.

Adam Enticknap joins us to talk about his crash and collarbone status. Cameron McAdoo comes on to clear up what happened with the medic during A Marts red flag crash and finishing runner up at the West coast kickoff. Brandon Haas owns the ClubMX SX Team and he joins us to talk about team ownership and a podium by his rider Garrett Marchbanks.

Jalik Swoll comes to our undisclosed location to talk about his experiences training at the Red Dog Academy, moving to Bakers Factory and hanging out with the Ferry's in general. Logan Karnow has been giving it his all in the 250 East series and talks about his 2021 progress. We have THE Tim Ferry, is up and comer son Evan and JT$ in the house as well!

Vince Friese was in the crosshairs after Saturday nights Indy 3 race and we have him on to talk about how it went down in his mind. Kevin Moranz has had himself a pretty notable 2021 so far. He's been looking good in the races and we talk to him about his progress. Dan Hubbard of Raceday Live is on to talk with us about that new role and how terrible it is working with Daniel Blair.

We're on location again, this time from Indianapolis and we've got Indy 1 race winner Ken Roczen on to talk about his series 4 rounds in. We've also got Feld's Sean Brennan on to talk about this unique 2021 series from the Promoter viewpoint. Daniel Blair is in Studio as well as Jason Thomas.

Thanks to all you fans who came out, another very fun Live show in the books!Download the archive here.

There's no way anyone who listens to the Show ever expected this; Davi Millsaps is in studio as cohost folks! Davi fills us in on what he's been up to in retirement and thoughts on the Houston rounds so far. Dean Wilson comes on to discuss that unfortunate lapping incident at H3.

When Red Dog shows up you know it' a great night but when it' in The Garagemajal, it's LEGENDARY! We kicked off Houston 1 Saturday and 250 Main Event winner Christian Craig comes on to talk about that amazing ride. Alex Ray is also in person to talk about his H1 and Daniel Blair gives us his thoughts on round one as well.

Another great live show with tons of laughs from Houston, with Weston Peick.Download the archive here.

Adam Cianciarulo joins us to talk about his turbulent off season with getting right, physically, for the start of the 2021 Season. Aaron Plessinger has been pretty quiet for a while now and he finally comes on to talk about what he's been up to including Dad life and how prep for the season has gone.

Cooper Webb comes on to talk about his prep for 2021 SX but mostly to bust Phil's balls. dustin Pipes joins us to talk about the HEP Suzuki team's plan for the coming season and we have Filthy, Weege and JT all in studio providing comic relief and general sarcasm and lots of ribbing. Great show!!

You can pretty much mark this down as one of the most entertaining shows in the archive. Jake Weimer and Ryan Villopoto in studio and a cast of characters involved in their pasts on the phone. Skip Norfolk stops in with some drinks as well! Great times!

Jett Lawrence joins us to talk about that awesome Redbull shoot that dropped last week and his Factory Honda transition. Jalek Swoll comes on to talk about moving from the Red Dog Academy to the Bakers Factory in preparation for 2021. Jeremy Malott of Redbull comes on to talk about all the cool things Redbull has going on.

After a few weeks off, we're back with a couple guys who have moved to new brands  and finally give everyone an idea of how they are getting along with their new steeds. Joey Savatgy joins us to talk about moving to RM/ATV KTM and Broc Tickle gives us his thoughts on riding the MCR SmarTop Honda.

Marty comes on to talk plans for his second full-time 450 season with the Tedder Team. Colt Nichols joins us to talk plans for 2021 and hopes to finally make a full year of racing healthy. Tim Cotter from MX Sports fills us in on what racing Motocross could look like for 2021 and we call up Phil Nicoletti to talk about the folding of JGR and how bad that news is for the sport.

Christian Craig has started riding his new Star Yamaha YZ250f and we are eager to hear about how he feels on it and how it compares to the Honda he's been on seemingly forever. Trey Canard hasn't been on in a long time and he joins us to talk about all things Honda. The World Vets were last weekend and Keefer is in with Randy Richardson to talk about it and for sure drop plenty of one liners.

Justin Barcia's move to GAS GAS is not complete and we talk to him about what was involved in making that deal happen. Tony Alessi is on to talk 2021 SmartTop Bullfrog Spas team stuff and their goals. Josh Woods of GPF call up to fill us in on his Facilities goings-on during Covid and beyond. John Anderson of Dubya USA is on to talk The Vet Nationals at Glen Helen and all things wheels.

Justin Brayton joins us to talk about his 2021 plans and thoughts on this oddball 2020 year. Seth Hammaker is going to be debuting for Mitch's Pro Circuit Kawasaki team in 2021 and he comes on to talk about the big jump into the Pro's. Ben Watson of the MXGP's comes on to fill us in on things over the pond.

Zach Osborne comes on fresh off his 450 Motocross title! We talk to the peoples Champ about his long career that looked like it may never get to this level. The day has finally come, Ricky Carmichael comes on to talk 450 Motocross, a crazy year of racing and his work on the Supercross broadcast.