PulpMX Show Archive

Justin Brayton has been having a good run in the overseas races and comes on to talk about that. Bobby Kiniry did the unthinkable, he retired. Sniff. Matt Bisceglia talks about going yellow. Bob Weber of 6D talks lids and BerLOOTi BerLOOTi is back!!

Mr.PulpMX AfterDark comes on to discuss 2016 bikes with Ping who ACTUALLY made it in studio. Slaton Racing's team manager comes on and John Anderson of Dubya comes on to discuss the World Vet.

Davi comes on to talk about his new team, Eric Peronnard discusses his most recent creation in the growth of the sport, Bilko talks freestyle and Pro Taper's Paul P is in studio as co-host.

James Stewart's forced hiatus ended with an exciting win at the 2nd running of the Red Bull Straight Rhythm. DC comes on to talk Nationals and the return of Southwick. Director of SX Dave Prater stops by before the Monster Cup and we got the 7DeuceDeuce, Watson and Keefer too!

Chad talks his thoughts on the MXdN and mayyyyybe a little info on his 2016 deal. Cooper Webb was part of the team in France and talks about his unique position as temporary 450 pilot in the MXdN. DV is in studio with his concrete feelings.

Dean Wilson got a little more seat time at the USGP and talks about his return to full-time racing. Nick Wey continues his elusiveness on the plan for 2016. Lil D has been a supporter of the show for years and always brings positivity and gifts; oh yeah and Keefer along with 722 bring the fun in studio.

It looks a lot like a Monster sponsored PulpMX Show but without the investment unfortunately. Josh Hill talks about his new gig, Diana has some stuff to say and Tyler Bowers and his future Mrs are in studio for some good times. 

Jake is back on the bike and he talks about how great it feels to be back in the saddle. Vince Friese talks about his progress and hopes leading into a new year. Thomas Covington gives his thoughts on racing in Europe and his future plans.

The repeat 250 MX Champ joins us, Matthes' Hero, Tim Ferry talks about the Legends race as does Grant Langston. Ping calls in with a feeble attempt at replacing an in studio appearance and Kris Keefer makes it creepy.

The new 450 MX Champ joins us, the 2-stroke people's Champ, Garid Steinke and its a PulpMX co-host circus in studio.

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Scottsman Shaun Simpson put in an impressive effort at Unadilla this weekend. Forrest Butler manages the BTO Sports KTM Team and talks about the Millsaps signing.

Plessinger showed his GNCC prowess in the Washougal mud. Langston talks about the TV gig, Preston joins us to talk about working a true 9 to 5 motorcycle job. Mike Williamson discusses life after RV and Keefer is in studio with the creepy.

Weston Peick comes on to razz Matthes, Luke Renzland represents the Jersey Shore and there's lots of laughs in studio with Tyler Bowers and Jason Thomas!

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It's a show full-O-Jimmy's and a little sprinkling of some unmentionables with Kris Keefer and Tits is producing the gold.

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The 22 clears up his recent shoulder surgery and the matter surrounding Two Two Team closing shop as well as looking to 2016. Coy Gibbs comes on to give Matthes crap, Cooper Webb has two rounds under his belt and had a shot at winning both motos at Red Bud. The OG KDub is back!

Mitch Payton is always insightful and a breath of honest air, Zach O talks about learning under the tutelage of John Tomac. Alex Martin is the best story following a slick Budds Creek and his buddy Filthy joins the show and also Jammin' Jake Weimer is in studio to drop knowledge.

RJ comes on after a great first moto and painful second in High Point. Frederik Noren joins to talk about his fill-in ride with Factory Honda. Aldon Baker reprimands Steve for his waining mountain bike rides and Keefer is back to talk about his Canadian adventure!

AC has been steady rising each week of the nationals and this weekend he captured his first OA podium. JBone hasn't been on in a looooong time but he's back. We've got an Aussie on not named Reed and the always vocal, DV. Dig it!

The legend, Antonio Cairoli joins us for a GP update. Christian Craig comes on to tell Matthes to suck it, Wey comes on after a hiatus, Kris Keefer apologizes for his first Canadian exploit and Anton is in studio! Busy Bee's!

Ken Roczen is looking better after Glen Helen but he still had his share of bad luck, Phil Nicoletti joins us to discuss his highly unlikely podium. Sean Collier smashed his competition on a KX500 and Top Jimmy is in studio with mucho laughs!