PulpMX Show Archive

Alex Martin comes on to discuss his series thus far aboard the TLD KTM team. Ross Maeda of Enzo suspension is always a thrilling interview and he comes on to discuss bouncy things. Dave Drakes talks about his Privateer VIP experience at SX and Michael Lindsay of VitalMX is in studio and guest hosting.

Adam Cianciarulo comes on to discuss the emotional roller coaster he's been fighting to get back to the peak of since his promising start to Supercross 3 years ago. Jeremy Martin was a late addition to the Daytona roster on Ken Roczen's Factory Honda 450 and wowed everybody including himself.

Broc Tickle had himself a helluva night in Toronto and comes on to gush over that sweet sweet podium taste. Martin Davalos, yes you read that correctly, comes on to .... well, who knows where this debut could go. Just listen! Jace Owen is killing it in the Amsoil Arenacross Series and joins us to discuss that succes.

Chad Reed's year has not been going to plan but he's found a few bright spots to gleen positivity from and build on for the second half and 2018. Zach Osborne finally reeled in his first Supercross win and he came on to tell us all about that buidling confidence and momentum.

Cole Seely was a banana peel away from clicking off laps at the front of the pack in Minneapolis and comes on to talk about his series thus far. Adam Cianciarulo finished the East kickoff with a steady 5th. Maintain bro. Luke Renzland had a great heat and debut for the East series. Dan Truman from GET Data comes on to talk tech and The Keefers are in studio.

Mitch Payton comes on to discuss his teams progress on the Wst coast and potificate about his East coast kickoff this weekend. Nick Wey comes on to discuss, well, anything discussed with the NYK is a win so listen in. EKS head honcho Rich Taylor discusses clear vision and testing and The OG Kdub is back in studio. Man, did we miss his musk.

Marvin Musquin has had a little of the good and a little of the struggles thus far in 2017, so we bring him on to see what he thinks of the series through 5 rounds. Justin Hill is on a roll and just killing it, Jimmy Decotis got his best finish of the series in Oakland and we have The Newf and MX Vice's Lewis Phillips in studio!

Eli Tomac seems to have finally emerged from his dark place with a huge break through ride in Glendale. Davi Millsaps has remained healthy through the first four rounds so we wanted to congratulate him on that. And we have Keefer and GRant Langston in Studio for an all-time great bench racing show!

Malcolm Stewart made his Series entrance at Anaheim 2 and he comes on to clear up some things about his late start. Blake Baggett talks about his switch to the RM KTM Team and his series through 3 rounds. Alex Ray talks about having Matthes as a mechanic at A2 and we have the Double Double-U with Weege and Wharton (Blake) in Studio!

Ryan Villopoto comes on to discuss his new Amateur National that is arriving in 2018, Adam Cianciarulo is our West Coast SX correspondent and gives his insight on the second round of racing. Ryan Hughes joins us to discuss his new deal and Randy Richardson of Michelin is in studio for the funnies and deep thoughts!

Mcelrath accomplished a career first for himself, a SX win in the 250W class in the opening round and joins us to talk about his progress. Adam Cianciarulo comes on to discuss his prep for the East coast and give his thoughts on what he saw at A1.  Keefer is on the line from the hi-dez and Eddie Ray is in studio!

It's been a long time in the making but we are finally on the eve of the 2017 season! Phil Nicoletti comes on to argue with Steve about dropping down to the SX2 class, Ralph talks about how exciting the coming series will be, Lars Lindstrom talks about the Red Riders and Seth Rarick is in studio for the entertaining insider perspective.

Matthes and Marx go over the winners of the 2016 Pulpys, play some clips and offer up some thoughts.

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Eli Tomac has some unfinished business following his debut season on Factory Kawasaki and he aims to take a massive step up in 2017. Tyler Bowers took a crazy long time to get his deal put together but in the end, he did and that's what counts. Nick Wey joins us for a talk about what he has going in the coming year and JT is in studio bringing laughs and good hair.

Justin Brayton joins us to talk about how he came to sign with the SmartTop Racing team for 2017 as well as his successes in the Australian SuperX series. Privateer Island teammates and buddies Alex Ray and Cade Clason stop by the studio to talk about their off seasons and plans for 2017. Ping is back in studio, do we really need to say any more?

Broc Tickle hasn't been on in a while and his racing program has some familiarity with RCH for 17 and also a bit of change with a new gear brand. Mark Rodgers of Motorcycle Superstore comes on to discuss some of the branding inner workings for strong team representation. Weege is in studio for another splendid comedic display

RV made an appearance in Sydney Australia for the Aussie SX Open, the Travis-Squared super team of Marx and Pastrana talk about the incredible single day saga of learning the backflip.

Dean Wilson talks about his role in Moto 8: The Movie and his progress on finding a home for 2017. Josh Coppins checks in and gives his feedback on racing the World Vet Championship at Glen Helen this past weekend. Randy Richardson of Michelin comes on to chat it up about Marx-dog's forthcoming backflip attempt and Berluti is back in the saddle again!

Hunker down with your bowls of candy folks because we have THE 22 on the show talking about preparation for another year of battle. Aaron Plessinger is now top ghoul on the Star Racing Yamaha squad and talks about the treats that come along with that. John Anderson has no tricks up his sleeves when it comes to treating the top names in moto with the best wheel products around.

J Bone comes on to tell us about the big news of JGR switching OEM's for the first time in the teams existence. Josh Hill talks about lining up for Straight Rhythm on the Alta electric bike. Cameron McAdoo talks about winning the Amateur All Stars race at Monster Cup and we have a ton of dudes in studio for an elite MX-sausage-fest.