PulpMX Show Archive

Jessy Nelson nearly scored his first wire to wire win earlier this season but he did it, almost twice, this weekend at the Indiana national debut. Wil Hahn hasn't been on in a while and it's about time we bust each others balls again. Thomas Fichter from N-Fab joins us to discuss among other things, Filthy Phil.

J-Bone is one of the oldest friends of the show so you know how his appearance went, Jesse Wentland is a Minnesot-ian racing and winning moto's in Canada this year, so we talk to him about that deal. Nate Alexander is Shorty's practice wrench but even more well-known as an encyclopedia of all things feline. He's amazing and we tapped into his knowledge.

Marvin Musquin was a cut above the rest of the 250 class in Washougal and went 1-1. We ask him what it is about Washougal that makes him so good there. Grant Langston comes on for what can only be described as Great Radio BRO.

Trey Canard has been consistently pressuring the orange brigade and he checks in with his MX status update. The Martin brothers come on in tandem for some ribbing and brotherly love and Jimmy Albertson phones in from Moser's house. Yes, you read that right.

Ryan Dungey joins us following his Budds Creek win in only his second appearance ever on the show. Jason Anderson wins his first moto in the MX2 class at Budds Creek and joins us to talk about his series so far. Kyle Cunningham discusses his unique team position in the Nationals this summer and the 7-Deuce Deuce comes in studio to hold down the co-host gig.

Eli Tomac joins us to let us in on how his series has gone being two-rounds in, Chiz has hit up the last two Nationals while on break from the Canadian series with impressive results. Christian Craig raced Red Bud this past weekend so we pick his brain on how he felt about his rides and LeBig joins us in studio with Berluti.

AC46 comes on to discuss his progress following shoulder surgery, Forrest Butler reminisces over the BTO teams lineage, Matt Bisceglia talks about his first full year of Pro racing and Pingree, the most highly paid co-host, brings his standard electric personality.

Jeremy Albrecht comes on and cringes to his infamous clip from Frezno Smooth, Chad Reed brings is typical honesty to the show and Grant Langston joins us to discuss his new gig working with Weege on the MX National's broadcast.

Jessy Nelson lead whole lotta laps in Lakewood before finishing a best ever 2nd. Phil Nicoletti tells us why Chad Reed is unhappy with him and Alex Martin joins in for some filthy-slamming. Nick Wey used social media to get his stolen bike back in a matter of days and Regis Harringtoon comes on to talk about stunts and movies and stuff.

Weston comes on to talk about joining RCH and having a full crew to help out, Mike Alessi discusses his move to Canada's series, the friendly Swede Fredrick Noren talks about racing in the US, Lil' D rewards listeners and the 7 Deuce Deuce comes the mood positive.

Cooper Webb had a great opening round at Glen Helen and comes on to talk about how awesome his new Yamaha is, Tallon Vohland lets us know what going on in the world of plastic at Acerbis, Dan Truman of GET drops in for some laughs and Kris Keefer is in Studio guest hosting.

Metcalfe talks about his new gig filling in for RV on Team Kawasaki in the Nationals. Josh Hill discusses his trip to the Canadian Nationals and getting released from the RCH team which stuck behind him the last few years. Rick Johnson brings the thunder, Chicken brings great stories and DBO360 sits in studio with pal Cody Gilmore.

James Stewart joins us to discuss his progressive SX series and his National expectations. Jason Anderson talks about his first title, O'Show joins us to discuss current events and Thomas Convington. Weege, Adam Enticknap and Cory Moser are in studio for the comedy.

As always with our awesome Vegas shows, we had oodles and oodles of in-studio guests and multiple co-hosts. It was definitely a happening as Andy Kaufman would say.

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Perennial baseball fan Chad Reed comes on to discus America's past-time, Alex Martin comes on to discuss besting his brother in the SX series, Vince Friese talks about the steps he's taken in 2014, top wrench in the pits, Mike Williamson ribs Matthes and talks about RV's domination and JT$ is in studio for great radio bro.

Probably the most respected man in moto, Mitch Payton joins us, Denny Stephenson survives the first DBO Moto Tour, just barely and Josh Hansen, yes THAT Lil Hanny joins Matthes for a groundbreaking appearance. Kris Keefer guests hosts in Studio.

Wilson talks about his struggles in 2014, Cianciarulo covers all basis of the good interview as usual, Rick "Too Hip" Johnson joins us for some old time talk and David Pingree finally comes back in studio to hold down the fort.

RV comes back on to discuss the conclusion of what could be his 4th straight title, Barcia comes on to defend his riding style, Top Jimmy brings the awesome, rookie Landon Powell talks about joining the pro ranks and Kris Keefer brings his big bore in studio!

Nick Wey had his best finish of 2014 in Toronto, as did Matt Lemoine nailing down his first podium ever. Daniel Blair comes in to have a sing-off with Matthes, the 7-Deuce-Deuce joins us with his typical craziness and Toney Berluti holds it all together.

Andrew Short comes on to get creeped out by Moser, Trey sheds light on his return to racing and the great Timmy Ferry gets Steve all excited. Tyler Bowers comes on to discuss the state of the Arenacross series and David Vuillemin is in studio for great stories.