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What more can we say, it's two days after #laZergate and we couldn't possibly have covered this debacle from more directions on this show. RV comes on to give his piece and comment on PED's in MX, Mitch Payton and Mike Genova cold-call us with their thoughts and Kyle Cunningham makes his sophomore appearance on the show. Thanks to DV and Kenny Watson for coming on!

James Stewart comes on after his most promising race of the outdoor series, Rob Buydos is the voice of the outdoors and joins us and Wil Hahn and Kenny Watson hold it down for us in studio for a great show following Red Bud.Download the archive

We got Jessica Patterson after wrapping up another WMX title, fellow Las Vegasian and Motocross pit reporter Kelly Stavast and of course JT$ comes on and David Vuillemin is in studio.

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We took a week off and came back strong with Ping in studio. Mike Alessi joins us after a nearly great weekend at Budds Creek, Zach Osborne is a F.O.S and came on to give and take some crap, good guy Buddy Antunez came on mullet-free and two-strokers everywhere will want to listen to Jerry Robin who absolutely rips on an '85 CR250.

"Jumpin" Jake Weimer comes on, Brett Metcalfe joins us following his round 2 win in the Canadian Nationals, Team BTO Sports KTM Team Manager Forrest Butler comes on and David Vuillemin joins us in studio.Download the archive here.

JS7 comes on despite his struggles, impressive rooie Cooper Webb makes his PulpMX Show debut, Mitch Payton answers some tough questions, NYK lets us know what's up and John Anderson of Dubya comes on.

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FIlthy Phil came on to talk about his positive results in the nationals thus far, everybody's favorite bad guy Vince Friese, Two Two's Dave Osterman makes his debut and Jonathan Lee joins Tony Berluti in studio. Great show folks!

Friend of the show, Zach Osborne aka #zachypoo, perrenial over-achiever Weston Peick, Hotsauce checks in, and the man behind the Lakewood National, all came on the show and Mike Mason co-hosted.

Another great show with both of the 250SX Champs and the always entertaining Gregg Albertson and Brady Sheren in Studio.

Thanks for listening.

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Thanks to all our in studio guests for this special Pre-Vegas SX show. The Lion's Den was a hotbed of the who's who of Supercross.

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Thanks for listening everybody. It was another show filled with laughs, knowledge and ridicule... and that was just coming from Berluti.

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If you were to look up the ingredients for an amazing PulpMX Show on Pinterest, you'd pretty much see the line up we pulled together tonight.

Seattle winner Justin Barcia, the always stylish Seely, EKS Brand's Politelli, fan-favorite Kevin Windham and LeCobra in studio.

Solid show right here with Trey Canard, the real 338 and the legend, no not Tits, former east coast 125cc Supercross champ, Denny Stephenson.

Thanks for listening and all the support.

We took a week off but made up for it and then some with some heavy hitters on the line and some straight-up legends in the studio. Feel the power baby.

Thanks for listening and supporting the show.

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Nick Wey and KW stop in the Lion's Den and takes over the show. He picked Six-Time, Jake Weimer and Top Jimmy as the guests.

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Metty just announced he is heading to Canada for the 2013 Nationals, Bowers just wrapped another AX title and Kyle Peters comes on after a great 2nd in Indy with Le Cobra in Studio.

Thanks for listening.

The new points leader in the 450 class comes on, followed by the pint-size prodigy, probably the fastest Alaskan ever and the always epic Rich Taylor. Thanks for listening and all the support. Remember to listen live Monday's at 6pm PST!

Motoconcepts/SmartTop racing's Mike Alessi, N-Fab's "Meathead" Bobby Kiniry, HRT's Jimmy Albertson come on with us and the always solid Tony Berluti seals the deal. Thanks for listening and all the support. Remember to listen live Monday's at 6pm PST!

James comes on after his first SX win in almost a full year, Wil Hahn celebrates his win with us on the show, as does Evan Ferry and privateer Cody Gilmore checks in as well.

Thanks to our guests and you for listening.

We got the two most important people involved in the controversial Zach Bell crash, BTO Sports KTM's Andrew Short and the battered Ryan Hughes. Remember to listen live Monday nights at 6:00 p.m. PST!

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