PulpMX Show Archive

Good show tonight, even with no Kenny, somehow we pulled it off. Listen in and learn.

Good show tonight, we had some great guests tonight. Even some surprise guests like Kyle Partridge and Jason Thomas called in.

Otherwise known as "the pilot"- thanks for listening in. We learned a lot tonight

Good show, we learned a lot tonight about a lot of things. And then we also made ourselves look dumb.

Good show, thanks for listening. Once again, we learned a lot tonight.

Good show tonight, we learned a lot tonight. Things like how Tony Alessi thinks the universe is really out to get people.

Thanks everyone for listening to these getting-longer-every-week shows, we had some great guests on and we learned a lot. I think anyways.

Once again we learned a lot, thanks to Osborne for coming in-studio, Brooks for talking about his team, DV for his insight and Reed for, well being Reed.

Good show tonight, Chiz says he's not a dirty rider, Weimer asks Kenny why he doubted him, RV gets on me for my weight and Osborne says he's not J-Law.

Thanks for listening, good times. I think we learned a lot tonight yes?

Thanks for listening, good times and we learned a lot I think.

Good show tonight, Factory Phil Lawrence even came on to talk about old times.

Good and (long) show tonight, we learned a lot like Weimer's real name is Pete, Shorty's elbows are healing up, Moser's creepy, JR drinks too much and Little D is basically Santa.

It's a long one but a good one. Stewie and Kenny get deep, Partridge talks about his new ride, Ramsey talks about JDR and Albertson talks BBMX.

Good show, we also dealt with Tits getting blocked on Twitter by Ryan Dungey. Very compelling stuff.

Great show tonight, lots to talk about like what DV's going to do now, Nick's 2012 plans, Brayton's feeling the Honda and whether or not RV is my friend. Thanks to essay contest winner Nate Davis for stopping in.

Brooks called in to talk 2012, Prater called in about the ME Cup, AC92 told us about arcades & Coy's in Florida for a big test tomorrow.

Not a bad show considering we had no guests when we started. Good times, good stories- we even had a Bradshaw call!

Good show, good times. We learned a lot tonight. Serious.

Thanks for listening tonight, thanks to our guests and thanks to AGV, Freegun and the Circle Jerkies for giving away stuff.