PulpMX Show Archive

Good show, Kenny was pretty calm and stayed the whole time! And we learned some stuff.

Good show, thanks for listening. We learned a lot once again this week.

Some serious star power for tonights show, listen in and learn dammit.

And we thought it was going to be a short show with barely any guests when we woke up on Monday morning...

Special Vegas Show, good talk tonight. Frank talk about Frank Thomas also!

Think of it as a Vegas show prequel with great guests and in-studio visitors.

The lost show is rescued from the depths of my computer. Great show, losts of guests and a good time. And you get to hear it all!

Good show, we learned a lot tonight. Things like orange wristbands are for cool people and I'm not one of them.

Good show, great guests, interesting times indeed tonight. Thanks for listening.

Thanks for tuning in, we learned a lot tonight. And for you Pookie fans, she was all in tonight.

Great show tonight, we all learned a lot. Thanks for tuning in and thanks to AGV for giving away a helmet. Good times indeed.

Good show tonight, even with no Kenny, somehow we pulled it off. Listen in and learn.

Good show tonight, we had some great guests tonight. Even some surprise guests like Kyle Partridge and Jason Thomas called in.

Otherwise known as "the pilot"- thanks for listening in. We learned a lot tonight

Good show, we learned a lot tonight about a lot of things. And then we also made ourselves look dumb.

Good show, thanks for listening. Once again, we learned a lot tonight.

Good show tonight, we learned a lot tonight. Things like how Tony Alessi thinks the universe is really out to get people.

Thanks everyone for listening to these getting-longer-every-week shows, we had some great guests on and we learned a lot. I think anyways.

Once again we learned a lot, thanks to Osborne for coming in-studio, Brooks for talking about his team, DV for his insight and Reed for, well being Reed.

Good show tonight, Chiz says he's not a dirty rider, Weimer asks Kenny why he doubted him, RV gets on me for my weight and Osborne says he's not J-Law.