PulpMX Show Archive

Good show, we also dealt with Tits getting blocked on Twitter by Ryan Dungey. Very compelling stuff.

Great show tonight, lots to talk about like what DV's going to do now, Nick's 2012 plans, Brayton's feeling the Honda and whether or not RV is my friend. Thanks to essay contest winner Nate Davis for stopping in.

Brooks called in to talk 2012, Prater called in about the ME Cup, AC92 told us about arcades & Coy's in Florida for a big test tomorrow.

Not a bad show considering we had no guests when we started. Good times, good stories- we even had a Bradshaw call!

Good show, good times. We learned a lot tonight. Serious.

Thanks for listening tonight, thanks to our guests and thanks to AGV, Freegun and the Circle Jerkies for giving away stuff.

Thanks for tuning in, long show as our guests were very compelling. Silly season, vocal chords and being smooth on a CRF450 were the topics.

Good show, RV talked about the new bike, Payton talked about his incredible season and his former rider and Morais talked about coming back. Then Watson and I talked shop.

Good show tonight, some real info right here on X-Games, Loretta Lynn's and silly season stuff. Don't forget, you can get it on iTunes and Stitcher.com as well.

Good show, with Watson out I had ace tuner Tony Berluti and ace journalist Stephane 'leBig' Legrand come in to hang out. Metty talked about his podium, Alessi talked Washougal and contracts, Adams talked X and me, I just talked a lot.

So much good info, it's ridiculous. Cox talks about his lost bet, Reed speaks about "the crash", Short talks 350's and Weege, well- he's gold.

Thanks to those that listened, good show- our longest one yet. Dean-o tells us he doesn't want to talk about Baggett, Thomas tells us his memories of a Burger King drive-thru, Stroupe says he's getting back on a bike soon, Watson gives away some money.

Thanks to those that listened, we found out that RV didn't invite Matthes to his wedding, Lapaglia regrets his fight with Hughes, Hughes doesn't regret a thing and Albertson lost over six figures from his GP deal.

Great show, good stories with Windham who may or may not be at Colorado this weekend, Durham tells us how he's killing it, the essay contest winner is announced as well as a bonus prize and we get some Subway strories from Sinjin.

Great show, some good laughs in sorting through the essay finalists. Listen in as J-Bone tells you how to win a set of Pirelli tires, Mike Genova speaks about the Pourcel situation and Moser calls in. Again.

Thanks for listening tonight, good show, great guests and some laughs to go along with it. Congrats to the essay semi-finalists!

Thanks to those that listened and we learned a lot tonight. Like, for example, the rape code.

Great Las Vegas show where we really didn't talk about the actual Las Vegas race. Thanks to everyone for listening and the audience we had.

Thanks everyone for listening, good times recapping a very busy weekend on and off the track. And we got a preview of the USGP from Osborne.

Thanks for listening, DV told us about Pourcel, Reed told us about the outdoors, Roczen talked about the GP's, Ping just called in and Emler gave stuff away.