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Adam Cianciarulo joins us to talk about his rookie 450 year, the recovery from his collarbone injury and how his "lockdown" has been spent. RV2 and Mike Alessi have a rivalry that started on minibikes so it may come as a shock that they came on the show as a dynamic duo. We hear from them about this whole Moto Fite Club deal, what it means and how it came together.

Dean Wilson joins us to talk about which proposed racing-resumption plan he prefers and why, as well as his great social media presence. Ryan Hughes comes back on after a long hiatus and why wouldn't it be a long hiatus, the guy is the most interesting and mysterious man in Moto?! Michael Antonovich comes on to talk about the plan to resume racing and how he is hearing it would work.

Hey we're back with another show to lift your spirits during lockdown. Last show "Hammy" got pretty serious with some quad talk and we brought Brayton on to defend himself. Chase Sexton is on to talk about his unique situation thinking about resuming his 250 title defense while also preparing to switch to the 450 for Motocross.

Chad Reed comes on to talk about his view on this Covid19-period in our lives from his experience and how he expects the racing season to resume when the time comes. Michael Lindsay comes on for a bit of on air therapy following what can only be described as the worst year ever to start a race team.

We're back and it's definitely great to get back to talking a little Moto. We have Dave Prater and Mike Muye from Feld on the show to talk about the chaos that unfolded a few weeks ago, how they dealt with it and are hoping salvage the season. Jeremy Mcgrath is on to talk about anything, it's just cool to talk to the King.

It's been a crazy week since Daytona but we're still having a show and trying to keep the mood racing-based. We have new BluCru enlistee Andrew Short on the line to talk about his new deal and the life of a Baja racer. Brian Deegan comes on to talk about his racing family, Daniel Blair comes on to talk the craziness and rumors surrounding the remnants of this Supercross series.

RV stops by to hang out, talk racing, retired life and whatever else he wants. Eli Tomac comes on to talk about ANOTHER Daytona win which puts him at 4 with other Legends. Garrett Marchbanks had a big coming out party with his first win in Daytona and Max Steffens comes on to talk the Fly Racing lifestyle.

Trey Canard comes on to talk about his new gig with Factory Honda and how he finds satisfaction in the new deal. Kailub Russell comes on to talk about dominating GNCC and what he plans to do after retirement. Killian Rusk stepped away from SX for good and he stops by the studio to talk about the transition to civilian life.

Chase Sexton bounced back at the Triple Crown in Arlington to take the overall and even the points at 1st, he's on to talk about that, the 450 outdoors and the RJ "grounding". Larry Ward comes on which might be the biggest news on Pulp ever because he still won't do a Podcast with us. Team Green's Amateur Manager Ryan Holliday comes on to talk about the freshest crop of up and coming amateurs.

Broc Tickle finally made his re-emergence on the SX scene after nearly 2 years of suspension. We talk to Broc on the familiar feeling and relief of being back on the big stage. Phil Nicoletti calls in to check on his Canadian friends and threaten others. Chad Goodwin and Tyler Medaglia are all in studio for laughs and distractions.

Aaron Plessinger made some much needed progress in San Diego, we talk to them to see how his encouragement level is now. RJ Hampshire is about to debut on his new Rockstar Husky ride and he comes on to discuss his incredibly changed program for 2020. Gared Steinke comes back on for the first time in a long time and we love catching up with the Stank Dog.

Chad Reed comes on to talk about being unable to line up in Oakland but also about sitting in the booth for the 450 Main. Adam Cianciarulo is back on to talk about 5 rounds down of the 450 class and some respectable finishes. A Ray was given permission by Swap Moto to come one and talk to us, thanks to them for that.

We have the Triple Crown specialist Justin Brayton on the line to talk about his series thus far. Dean Wilson who is not down with the Triple Crown format comes on to share the opposing point of view. The 722 has a new song to debut on the show tonight and we have Eric Peronnard and the Newf in studio!

Cooper Webb had an off week in STL but at A2 he rebounded and is showing why that #1 is on his Redbull KTM. Martin Davalos is the only guy to dethrone AC during a practice session so far through 3 rounds and we talk to him about his experience in the 450 class this year. DV comes on to talk about "the Pass".

Ken Roczen ended his SX win-drought in STL and he comes on to talk about getting that monkey off his back. Zach Osborne joins us to talk about yet another 450 year starting off with some form of uphill battle and his eventful first two rounds.

This is the LIVE podcast show from the Moto Museum in St.Louis, with special guest #eff Wil Hahn and Broc Glover.

Download the archive here.

Justin Barcia had yet another amazing Anaheim 1 and comes on to talk about his progress on the 2020 Yamaha YZ450F. Bernard Kerr was supposed to line up in Anaheim but it went sideways late, he comes on to tap about those details. Christian Craig joins us to talk about his unexpected 3rd place following Austin Forkner's docking.

Damon Bradshaw is on to talk about his new deal with Yamaha and thoughts on the upcoming series kickoff. Travis Preston will be on to argue with Keefer and talk Yamaha and Supercross. Beeker and Steve Astephen from the Famaliev2 Agency will be on to talk about their new venture and A1. Ken Roczen cold calls in! Tom Journet of Team Fried will be on and Keefer is in studio folks!

Ryan Dungey comes on to talk about his new gig with Geico Honda and a little Intense Bicycle talk. Christian Craig recently traveled to Europe to have a face to face arbitration over his suspension by WADA, he came back with some good results and he's on to talk about it. Jerry Robin is in studio with Michael Lindsay to talk about what they have going for 2020.

Justin Brayton has had an amazing off-season and he joins us to talk about all the winning he's been doing abroad. Buddy Antunez is on with Weston Peick to talk JGR and the SX training program he and Weston Peick have lined up in a couple weeks. Jacob Hayes is in studio with Daniel Blair so we'll have plenty of laughs with those jokesters.