PulpMX Show Archive

J Mart has been through a lot in the last year and it's great to get him back on the show to talk about his progress and finally being able to look toward another race year in 2020. Jett Lawrence has everybody talking since Loretta's and he comes on to introduce himself to the Pulp fans. AC calls in for a quick check in.

Colton Facciotti is now a 6X champ and retires with a bang, he comes on to talk about the experience. Phil Nicoletti checks in with his own thoughts on his first Canadian series. Carson Mumford is about the only amateur we will allow on the show and he joins us to talk about the Pro show. DBO is on to talk Tomac and there are Canadians in studio.

Cole Seely recently announced his retirement and we wanted to get the Factory Honda Pilot on to talk about his career. Jeff Stanton is also on to talk old school 90's Moto and oh yeah we have DAMON BRADSHAW IN STUDIO too!! JT Money is in as well. What a show!

Marvin had a good day in Washougal and he comes on to talk about that and Steve's attempt at recreating Marv's "Red Bud stuck under bike" test. McAdoo had a really great showing at Washougal and comes on to talk about his outdoor experience this season. AC comes on to talk shop and that massive send into the sand on the last lap.

This is the LIVE podcast show from the Alberta Rose Theater in Portland, OR with special guests Zach Osborne and Justin Bogle. 

Download the archive here.

Whack-O comes on to talk pods, podiums and thoughts on his first 450 season. Dan Betley comes on to talk about his career and recently leaving Geico Honda. Zane Merrett is on to talk about never quitting and trying to stay on the good side of PulpMX Fantasy players. Michael Lindsey and Keefer are in Studio!

Aaron Plessinger has two race under his belt and comes on to talk about entering the series midstream. Broc Tickle has finally got a date to set his sights on for a return and we talk about his preparation for that.

Dean Wilson is back riding again so we check in with him to see how his progress is coming and what his plans are. Brandon Hartranft had a great Southwick and he comes on to talk about his outdoor progress. J-Bone finally comes on to talk about some GOOD JGR news. Long overdue and Michael Antonovich of SwapmotoLive is in studio bro!

Justin Cooper finally snagged his first overall win at the treacherous Florida WW Ranch, he comes on to talk about that achievement. Nick Wey is on after a long hiatus to talk all things funny and AC. Keefer is in studio and brings the fire! Ryan Sipes comes on to talk about his upcoming Red Bull video sales and all that entails. Oh and hey, the Brad and Jackson from EVS Sports come on!

Mitch Payton is always a slam dunk great guest and it's been far too long since he and his stories have been on. Colt Nichols has surprised many of us through 4 rounds of Moto and he's on to tell us why we're dumb. Phil gives us a Canadian MX update and Eric Peronnard comes on to talk about his many Moto-promoter gigs. D Blair is in to talk about moto and eagles.

Dean Ferris from Oz comes on for the first time to talk about his first 3 rounds riding for Monster Yamaha. Phil Nicoletti joins us to talk about his typical luck going 2-2 for 3rd overall in Calgary and Weston Peick comes on for the first time in a bit to get us updated on his recovery and future plans.

Red Bull KTM’s Cooper Webb has that 450SX title in his back pocket and good rides through the first two nationals as well. We’ll have Cooper on the show to talk about his first four motos, that remarkable supercross season and more. Rockstar Husqvarna’s Michael Mosiman had a strong second half of the supercross season and has started the nationals well also.

Honda’s Ken Roczen grabbed his first win in more than two years with a very strong 1-2 day at Hangtown. We’ll have Kenny on the show for the first time in a while to talk about his day, his prep coming into this race, how he’s feeling and more.

Live Pulpmx Show from Works Connection before Hangtown with Zach Osborne where we discuss the motocross opener, Keefer's chances, Osborne's thoughts, take some audience questions and more.

Download the archive here.

Motoconcepts BullFrog Spas Honda signed up Malcolm Stewart for another year and we’ll have Mookie on the show to talk about his new deal, what went into it, when he’s going to start riding and more.

Live from Las Vegas, it's the Pulpmx/Racer X Live Podcast show with Ryan Villopoto, Chad Reed, a bunch of you people and shot of FireballDownload the archive here.

Zach's on to talk about his awesome night in Jersey. Chase Sexton is also on to talk his first win and taking hold of the title chase. Wil Christian is on to talk about her job working with Daniel Blair on the SX broadcasts.

Another PulpMX RacerX Live show collaboration, this time Live from New Jersey! Tune in for the laughs folks!Download the archive here.

Justin Bogle won his first 450SX heat race and rode a strong race to get a fourth. We’re happy to have him on tonight to tell us why, his plans for outdoors, thoughts on the series in general and more. GEICO Honda’s Cameron McAdoo has been having a good SX season so far as a late fill-in for the Honda guys.

Live from the Oriental Theater in Denver, Colorado it’s the Pulpmx Show with guests Denny Stephenson, Wil Hahn and Buddy Antunez. We talk Denver SX, 250SX, Stew, take some questions, talk to some guests and more.