PulpMX Show Archive

We've got Shane Mcelrath who finally got through a round without a run-in with bad luck, Josh Hill comes on to discuss his gig at Monster and his brothers condition following a crash in Detroit. Dave Osterman is always full of opinions and insight.

A fresh new idea for a stay at home weekend for the Show. Thanks to all who came on and made it possible.

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Eli does the rare but honorable deed of coming on the show after a tough race, Adrian from Ride Engineering comes on to discuss their new deal, Nick Schmidt has been making waves and he comes to as a reward and Kris Keefer is in studio for analysis!

Trey Canard has had a fluctuating season to say the least but hey, he still has Tim Ferry in his back pocket so... that got weird. Austin Stroupe's return to racing via Arenacross has hit a little speedbump and he comes on to tell his story. Cade Clason comes on and the Seven DEUCE DEUCE is in studio!

Davi Millsaps comes on to trade blows with friendly foe, Matthes. Mookie was hauling the mail in Atl and comes on to discuss and THE Tim Ferry joins us to discuss the prowess of one Martin Davalos. JT$ in studio for stellar analysis and comedy hi jinx.

Marvin found ways to make passes on a tough Dallas track, Lars Lindstrom is on to talk about cool stuff, James Marshall give us a glimpse into his life since being paralyzed  while racing and DV is in studio with his always entertaining takes.

It's a throwback show with most of the cool-kids from the '90's What more really needs to be said?!

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Roczen finally got a start and cashed it in like a Peyton Manning would have. Andrew Short is about to debut for 2016 and wants to talk about it... So does Moser. Lebig and Keefer's in studio!

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Lots of green on this show. We had Wil Hahn, Ryan Villopoto, Nick Wey and the pickle King all knocking laughs out of the park!

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Jake Weimer comes on to talk about his recent addition to the RCH team in place of Broc Tickle. Michael Akaydin fills us in on the moto community coming together to quickly get his stolen bike back. Colt Nichols lets us know who he is and where he came from and the Newf and Knowles are in studio!

Ryan Dungey pulled off a convincing win at Round 2 in San Diego. Jake Weimer made a huge move forward finishing 8th and talks about that. Jordan Smith had a solid 3rd place finish for the Geico Honda crew and we have Michelin's Randy Richardson and Travis Preston in studio with Keefer!

Chad is back on Blue and being home never felt so right. Stroupe-A-Loop is ripping on two wheels again in Arenacross and there's just a couple insane topics from A1 covered by Eddie Ray in studio! Oh and Keefer comes on to explain himself

Nick Wey recently retired much to all of our dismay, Eli Tomac is on the eve of his Kawi debut, 722 brings the positivity and LB is BACK!!Download the archive here.

Cole calls in and is shocked to find he's leading the RX SX Title poll, Hayden Mellross is badgered with Tim Ferry questions, Dave Castillo finishes his debate of the Asterisk AC System with Matthes and Keefer brings the creepy.

Who are we kidding? It's the pre Christmas show, A1 is on around the corner and all these guys are here to talk about 2016... oh and Filthy and AMart bring the comedy!

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Christian Craig came on to discuss his return to fulltime racer in 2016, Don Maeda talks all about his awesome PREMIX video, lots of talking points and plenty of after dark with Keefer in the den!

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We had Zach O on as well as Top Jimmy to finally clear up the 2016 plans for Albertson Enterprises. DV brought some very direct opinions and the always solid Weege was in the house!Download the archive here.

Justin Brayton has been having a good run in the overseas races and comes on to talk about that. Bobby Kiniry did the unthinkable, he retired. Sniff. Matt Bisceglia talks about going yellow. Bob Weber of 6D talks lids and BerLOOTi BerLOOTi is back!!

Mr.PulpMX AfterDark comes on to discuss 2016 bikes with Ping who ACTUALLY made it in studio. Slaton Racing's team manager comes on and John Anderson of Dubya comes on to discuss the World Vet.

Davi comes on to talk about his new team, Eric Peronnard discusses his most recent creation in the growth of the sport, Bilko talks freestyle and Pro Taper's Paul P is in studio as co-host.