PulpMX Show Archive

Chiz comes in to update us on his "ride-search 2014". Jason Anderson joins us to discuss his reuniting with KTM, Broc Glover of Dunlop comes on for some old school reminscing and Mad Dog is in studio with his jokes.

The front-man for Supercross on Fox comes on to shed some light on the new TV package, Weimer comes on to discuss '14 and the changes he's made to better his mind and results, Endurocross' Cody Webb joins us as Weege is in Studio and Brandon gives his best effort in Battle 'o' the call-screeners.

Chad Reed comes on and among other things; puts an end to the insane speculation on what brand he is riding, Cole joins us to discuss his goals for 2014 as well as reminisce about his TLD days with Pingree guiding him. Chris Blose, who was also a rider under the tutelage of Ping, joins Ping in studio. This is also week one of the new call-screener auditions, Jacob is first up to the plate.

It's another show for the record books. James Stewart comes on following his Monster Energy Cup overall win, Coy Gibbs is in studio for what always turns out to be Hi-Larity and "jab jabbing". Chad Reed broke the news that he landed a 3-year title sponsor for Two Two Motorsports and his super-agent Steve Astephen comes on to discuss Two Two and other general chit chat.

First and foremost, THE Moser is in studio to keep everything "loose". Cory's favorite rider comes on to discuss his off-season races. Mike Webb of Suzuki comes on to talk about old times and current times with Berloot and crew. Tyler Bowers joins us to talk about his Monster Cup race and Wilbur comes back on for the standard ribbing, jab jab and laughs.

There's so much synergy in this show it's almost scary. Mafia Moto Crew head honch, Nick Wey comes on with his standard brand of easy comedic delivery. The Albertson's, or the Lindsay's depending on who you ask are in studio as is Ping who is known to have a bit of a crush on the lovely Georgia. The Alberton's are in tight with the Shawnee Sicko chapter of the Mafia Moto Crew. Synergy.

It's been a long time but finally J-Bone agreed to come back on the show, even with Watson in studio. RV comes on to talk ME Cup & MXDN, Top Jimmy joins us as well as Blake Shipman and the always entertaining, Mike Mason in studio.

We did our best to sidestep the tears in the wake of the USA's MXdN loss but two of the MXdN combatants came on, Lutes from TWMX joins us and finally Chris from Race Tech comes on to spread some knowledge.

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It's a '90's cornicopia with some of the greatest names from the era. Denny Stephensen and Watson made it in studio to pull everything together. Chicken man! What more needs to be said!?

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It's quite the cast we had following the conclusion of the National series. Adam Cianciarulo comes on for the first time since turning pro, Weston Peick wonders what it's going to take for him to get a ride and make money in racing, DV comes on with his honest opinions and Kelli Stavast and JT$ were in studio to keep things entertaining.

Davi Millsaps fills us in on his recovery from surgery and his introduction to the KTM bike. Ben Lamay sheds light on his life as a privateer including saving orphaned pooches. Pingree and Osborne bury their beef together and prove love can conquer all. Thanks for listening!

Recently retired, fan-favorite Kevin Windham checks in with us. The unstoppable of late, Eli Tomac, comes on the show. Jake Canada comes on to set the story straight on his departure from MCR and Dean Wilson fills in the blanks on what is happening in his future. 

It was an X-Games-centric show and we pulled in the Gold and Bronze medal winners for Moto-X  as well as having Mike Mason in studio. The Mad Dog was rabid following his buddy completely jacking his efforts in Speed n Style. Chad Watts came on to discuss the Jerry Robin 2-stroke effort at Loretta Lynns.

Following up laZergate was no easy task but we pulled in a few legends in Mike Gosselaar, Lars Lindstrom and Carlos Rivera to fill us in on their year. We also had Keli Stavast and Tony Berluti in studio to up the level of class in the lions den.

What more can we say, it's two days after #laZergate and we couldn't possibly have covered this debacle from more directions on this show. RV comes on to give his piece and comment on PED's in MX, Mitch Payton and Mike Genova cold-call us with their thoughts and Kyle Cunningham makes his sophomore appearance on the show. Thanks to DV and Kenny Watson for coming on!

James Stewart comes on after his most promising race of the outdoor series, Rob Buydos is the voice of the outdoors and joins us and Wil Hahn and Kenny Watson hold it down for us in studio for a great show following Red Bud.Download the archive

We got Jessica Patterson after wrapping up another WMX title, fellow Las Vegasian and Motocross pit reporter Kelly Stavast and of course JT$ comes on and David Vuillemin is in studio.

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We took a week off and came back strong with Ping in studio. Mike Alessi joins us after a nearly great weekend at Budds Creek, Zach Osborne is a F.O.S and came on to give and take some crap, good guy Buddy Antunez came on mullet-free and two-strokers everywhere will want to listen to Jerry Robin who absolutely rips on an '85 CR250.

"Jumpin" Jake Weimer comes on, Brett Metcalfe joins us following his round 2 win in the Canadian Nationals, Team BTO Sports KTM Team Manager Forrest Butler comes on and David Vuillemin joins us in studio.Download the archive here.

JS7 comes on despite his struggles, impressive rooie Cooper Webb makes his PulpMX Show debut, Mitch Payton answers some tough questions, NYK lets us know what's up and John Anderson of Dubya comes on.

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