PulpMX Show Archive

We had Andrew Short on to wish him a farely well and there were tears shed. Wil Hahn came on because, well that's what Wil Hahn does. Radio shows bro. MX Team Manager of the Year winner, Kyle Bentley joins us to discus a crazy year at RCH and running that show and Jake Weimer is in studio for the duration discussing everything and then a little more.

That's right, Chad Reed joins us to discuss, well a little bit of everything in his typically frank and honest fashion. Zach Osborne FINALLY won his first National and comes on to talk about how great it feels. Gold Medal winner Connor Fields is in studio with his nugget and talks about that experience. Lil D of FMF comes on to talk moto and a great sponsor who's been with us forever.

Lets get those hands together just like RV used to because we've got him on tonight! Weston Peick is on to talk about his season and Austin Forkner is here to stay folks, so listen in. The always great Tony Berluti is back in the cohost chair as well.

It was a long hiatus and yes, we missed you too. We brought the 250 points leader on and a rarely heard from Coach Seiji. Keefer is in studio to go over the lost virginity stories and other matters of the heart and loins.

Alex Martin has been fast as crap all series and he finally secured an overall win in Washougal Adam Cianciarulo has been battling through the Nationals and is keeping positive despite some struggles. The 7DeuceDeuce is in studio bringing the rhymes and the positivity BRO!!

Ken Roczen absolutely smashed the competition at Millville and talks about this incredible outdoor effort he's putting in. Dean Wilson has returned and he talks about his first weekend back in action. Ping comes on to discuss the 125 race coming up at Washougal.. Tony Alessi is back, yup you read that right. And Keefer is back in the co-captains chair!

Eli Tomac finally had a dominant weekend and it came at a track he's thrived at before, in the sands of Southwick. Benny Bloss had a break out ride and was one of all 3 BTO Sports riders to finish in the top 10. Keith Johnson joins us to discuss the rebirth of Southwick and how it came to be. Eddie Ray is in studio with stories and opinion!

Broc Tickle has been on a tear these last two weeks and we talk to him about what has changed and why it's all gravy lately. Heath Harrison introduces himself to the show, Justin Bogle soothes the radio waves with his voice and talks of his 2017 plans. Paul Perebijnos is in studio to keep things interesting.

Zach Osborne secured a long overdue first win in the United States and we at the PulpMX Show could not be happier for one of our first friends of the show. Grant Langston has been at this outdoor commentary thing for a while now and he comes on to discuss his evolution as an announcer and the series so far. BerLOOTi BerLOOTi is back in studio!!!

Davi Millsaps has migrated north of the border for the summer and he talks about the experience in Canada through the first two rounds. Colton Facciotti adds some more Canadian moto talk, DC comes on to discuss the MX Nationals through a handful of rounds here, Scotty Adkins talks about training the star-wrenches of tomorrow, Keefer is in studio and so much more.

Oscar Wirdeman comes on to talk about his rider Ken Roczen's stellar start in the Nationals. Denny Stephenson checks in to discuss the state fo the sport, riding and more. Ryan Lockhart fills us in on the first round of the Canadian Nationals. Ping talks charity auction and Matt Bisceglia talks about his surprising ride aboard the Yosh Suzuki at Colorado. DV is in studio keeping it real.

Alex Martin has been at this a long time and the hard working kid finally secured his first overall win and we couldn't be more stoked!! RJ Hampshire has had a trying start to the 2016 MX series but that seems to be par for the course for the Geico Honda team so far. Georgia Lindsay comes on to talk with her TV peer, Stevie "NBC" Matthes.

Joey Savatgy came out of nowhere to go 1-1 for his 2nd overall outdoor win with his only two moto wins. Millsaps comes on to rip Matthes and talk about Canada--weird. Filthy is on with his typical optimistic self. Kris Keefer is in studio and Tony Berluti checks in!

Cooper Webb comes on to discuss a crazy Vegas mudder where he secured his second 250 SX title. Gavin Faith discusses his Arenacross championship and we have C Webb's buddy Seth Rarick and Eddie Ray in studio providing the commentary.

Cole Seely broke the Ryan Dungey podium streak this weekend, Jeremy Martin is still fighting for the 250 East title hope, Jimmy Albertson talks about a trying year and the Keefer's are in studio for wild antics

Ken Roczen has been on fire lately and he comes on after he finally gets the win we thought was coming the previous few weeks. Steven Mages of the AMSOIL Arenacross series comes on to discus his year. Troy Lee agreed to come on and we could not be more exicfted about it. Thanks to Pingree for conning TLD into coming on and bringing jokes.

It's always a good day when we get THEE Mitch Payton of Pro Circuit on the show. Kevin Kolb of Sick Racing Recovery talks about his great new program helping racers deal with addiction recovery and local BMX Olympian Connor Fields talks about his experiences on two wheels. KDub is Back

Adam Cianciarulo is about nearing his 2016 Motocross debut but still has thoughts on this years Supercross title chases. Dean Wilson joins us to talk about his latest recovery and fresh new knee surgery and Ryan Holliday talks about his gig honing the Team Green riders of today for factory super stardom tomorrow.

James made his return to Santa Clara and now he makes his return to the PulpMX Show. Friend of the show, Zach Osborne joins us, Skip Norfolk checks in and David Vuillemin is in studio with his hard hitting thoughts.

We've got Shane Mcelrath who finally got through a round without a run-in with bad luck, Josh Hill comes on to discuss his gig at Monster and his brothers condition following a crash in Detroit. Dave Osterman is always full of opinions and insight.