Inside the Show

The Pulpmx Show started because two men had a dream- turns out it was a flawed dream... but a dream nevertheless. Steve Matthes and Paul Lindsey both held jobs in the Supercross/Motocross industry and both men were fans of the sport, both old and new. It wasn’t just a job. It was a lifestyle for both guys and being fans of other sports, both guys thought a live call-in show, where the stars of the sport could come on and talk about the races and interact with the fans, would be a hit.

But how to do it?

It takes a lot of wires to be this disorganized.
Dungey Pic
Matthes shot image, made famous by the show.
Live, studio audience. (RIP Budders.)

Somewhere along the line, Matthes met up with Greg McQuerry-himself a fan as well- who had some experience with broadcasting live as he had a short stint doing the BooKoo Arenacross series. With Greg’s help, Matthes and Lindsey turned an idea, a concept, into reality. And with that, the Motoshow with Matthes and Lindsey launched January of 2010 with Larry Brooks as the first guest. The show was structured a bit differently then and a little bit drier as well. The show was short. It was quick-hits and it was out. Lindsey flying in each week from his home in Denver to the Las Vegas-based Studio, not far from the Lion’s Den at the MGM Grand Garden Hotel.

Not too far into the run, the major sponsor that had committed to the pair, for at least six months, pulled out after two (clearly they were not fans) and the show, and Matthes and Lindsey, were on the brink of having the dream die early. Enter one Kenny Watson who managed the Hart & Huntington race team and had appeared as a guest a couple of times, much to Lindsey’s chagrin. Soon Matthes and Lindsey had some fundamental differences in the creativity and direction of the show and the two split, amicably. Watson brought in enough sponsorship to keep the show going the rest of that first year. B to B bro.

A Tits-eye view of the studio
The Lion's Den, in the beginning.
The one and only, Mercedes Terrell. (Creepy Tits)

Then the show, with Watson in as permanent co-host, started getting traction. During this run, the show started getting longer, getting more guests and most importantly, getting more listeners. The real talk of Matthes and Watson was becoming more and more of a “must listen” each Monday night, as the industry and fans tuned into hear what was going on behind the scenes of the sport that we all love. For two and a half years Matthes and Watson proved to be a formidable team as they argued and fought over the differing opinions that each other had, as well as entertained.

Along the way we decided that answering the phones was too much work so in came a guy named Tits to “produce” the show and work behind the scenes, to much comedic relief. We've had some great guests come in-studio including Carey Hart, Ivan Tedesco, Josh Hill, Tony Berluti, Factory Phil Lawrence, David Pingree, Jenna Haze (porn star), a girl named Gigi and of course the reunion of the Great Western Bank Team for show #100.

Watson ended his run at the end of 2012 but the show carries on bigger and better in his memory (he didn't pass away but we’re doing it anyways). We've enjoyed a rotating cast of co-hosts from Pingree, Jason Thomas, Tony Berluti and a few more here and there. The show has gotten bigger and better, or mediumer and worser- whatever you want. So stay tuned on Monday nights to "Listen, Laugh and Learn…"

A PulpMX Show Superfan's Perspective

By: Cory Moser

What is PulpMX?  This very question will likely be the topic of Scoops thesis.  The literal definition is broad to say the least and has been described by one Steve Matthes himself as, “the stuff people don’t like in orange juice” or “PulpMX is a play on words from the movie Pulp Fiction” and “the mush and mash of moto information”.  Some things are best not to over analyze, you just kick back put your feet up, enjoy it and take it at face value.  I was a fan of everything that Matthes wrote but had never listened to a podcast before tuning into “The Moto Show”.  I’ve been along for the ride since nearly the beginning with the awkward exit of Paul Lindsey and humorous entrance of Kenny Watson. 

With no more “that is the sound of an ice cold RedBull being cracked open” the show quickly evolved into a mixture, or Pulp if you will, of moto insight providing behind the scenes information you couldn’t find or hear anywhere else.  A more flexible format and allotted time provided Matthes and Watson plenty of opportunities to argue over all things moto both new and old.  Matthes had carried the show from the beginning but quickly found his groove with how to steer the show the way he wanted while trying to keep Watson on task and topic.  “A mystery wrapped in a riddle” is the perfect explanation of the Watson.  Extremely entertaining, kind, giving, annoying, rude, careless are all words that immediately come to mind when I think of Watson. 

PulpMX filled a void in the sport for fans especially those of the superfan variety, providing; insider info, candid interviews with riders, mechanics, man friends and virtually anyone of relevance within the industry, the opportunity to call in and ask questions at literally any time live or by leaving a message, and stories of wrenching and traveling from the past, the ultimate bench racing session every Monday night.

The show started gaining momentum quickly providing more, calls, sponsors, segments, giveaways, and a phone screener soon became a necessity, enter one Tits Legendary.  Tits not only answered the phones he provided “that’s old news right”.  He was too easy a target for a constant stream of criticism, and the butt or more jokes than not.  Tits found his place on the show and although he likely has no self esteem still intact, he’s happy to ask only the worst questions you tweet at Tits each and every week.  The show really found its stride with providing a good variety, no two shows were the same especially with Watson being the ultimate wild card.  Integrating JT$ almost every week wasn’t just a triple it was a home run, he’s the Ironman of one liners, with a wealth of information and when he stops waffling a respectable opinion on everything.  Regular callers into the show quickly made their mark, O’Rourke, Nash, Hasbeen, Sinjin, Ackerman, Thomo, Scoops just to name a few.  An endless list of quotes or drops find their way into your daily vocabulary; chancibilty, documentation, loonball, fhenom, gentleman, summercross. 

As the contests evolved and the prizes got bigger so did the confusion and disorganization, if a contest went smoothly at this point it would be a disappointment.  A variety of in studio guests and one off shows like the annual Friday Vegas show and 100th show celebration with the Great Western Bank team have provided legendary entertainment.  Behind every good show or man is an even better woman and nobody makes grilled cheese or coffee better than Pookie Matthes, when she does slip on a headset it’s always radio gold, and if you think otherwise “Eff you dude” #MorePookie. 

Nothing lasts forever and it wasn’t a complete surprise when Watson decided “to go his own way” he undoubtedly lasted longer than any betting man would have thought and although he will be missed his drops will live on forever.  The show has carried on with a variety of co host and guests, each providing unique opinions, facts and laughs.  On any given Monday night you don’t know who might call in or what may end up being discussed.  These shows don’t run themselves which is blaringly obvious anytime there is any technical difficulties and Matthes steps away, nobody steps up to carry the show for the small but necessary amount of time.  There’s no stopping the show at this point it’s like the Dungenator it’s just going to keep coming and coming every Monday night, so tune in to listen, laugh and learn.